About Us

Appika Consulting is made up of an well-balanced blend of business consultants that work together to achieve sustainable success.

Our business consultants are driven by opportunities to contribute to your commercial success. We partner with you to help generate revenue, reduce costs, open new markets and transform your way of thinking, services and operations. We are at our best when your objectives demand tightly managed efforts that make direct progress toward defined business growth goals.

We are dedicated to building solutions that address the toughest and complicated challenges. We do not show off with lists of technologies as we prefer you measure our work on its significance—the value we create for you and the impact we have on your business.

Appika team consists of experienced, well skilled balance of business consultants and technical experts to drive change and produce real results. Our multidisciplinary approach works fluidly across diverse industries, requirements and technologies, and show early results.

We thrive in high pressure, high stakes environments and own the outcomes of our work.

Why Us

Your choice of partner can make a real difference in your ability to achieve sustainable success.Appika’s main difference is our team’s ability to blend business knowledge with technical expertise. We understand business objectives and are highly proficient technologists. We partner with clients to drive quantified solutions expressed in exceptionally clear terms.

Clients tell us they love the experience, skills and spirit our team brings to every relationship, and express appreciation for some of our classic traits:

We are good communicators. Good communication is a prerequisite to any successful relationship. We emphasize strong communication and transparent operations in everything we do.

When we say we collaborate well, we mean it. We don’t just deliver a project “for you”; instead we work “with you”—our teams include both your personnel and ours so that we can assist, consult, teach, and review to make sure you are fully prepared to sustain the benefits of our mutual team output, long after our role has ended.

Our approaches really do work. One advantage of our firm is our ability to understand, articulate and evaluate the functional dynamics of your business. Leveraging industry best practices, we chart your processes today then model alternatives for how they can be made more effective and efficient when powered by new approaches and systems. This meticulous approach enables us to help you plan, design and manage programs that turn complex problems into achievable results.